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Southwest Ophthalmics

Southwest Ophthalmics was founded in 1991 for the purpose of providing quality sales and services of advanced surgical eye care products to the Western region of the USA.  A partnership was forged with manufacturers of products that are beyond state of the art and therefore advance the standards of patient care and surgical procedures.  Southwest Ophthalmics and their partners share a goal to be known as leaders in the industry.

The founder and President, Scott C. Moody, began his career in sales of Ophthalmic products in 1978.  Mr. Moody states, “As a young college graduate, I was immediately drawn into the industry due to the recent advances that had been made in restoring eyesight to patients that had previously been nearly blind.”  As a graduate from the prestigious Northwestern University with a degree in Journalism, he knew that he had discovered his career path.

Southwest Ophthalmics has a team of sales professionals that share Mr. Moody’s commitment to be the best and to maintain the highest standards in the industry.  The hard working, highly trained, competent and reliable sales team is dedicated to being an asset to the ophthalmologist, optometrist and facilities that use the products we represent.  We go beyond, “just make the sale.”  The patient’s eyesight and the surgical results are what matter the most.

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